Lutherie is a Family Matter! We make Guitars and Violins!

Bishop Stringed Instruments


“Bishop Stringed Instruments” is a combined effort by Bishop Guitars and Bluefiddle’s West Wind Strings. Therefore, we intend to showcase the work of both Brian Bishop and Chet Bishop.

For example, Brian builds word-class guitars from his home in Forest Grove, Oregon. By comparison, Chet builds all the violin-family instruments (including five-string fiddles.) However, his home is a few miles outside Forest Grove.

You have come to the right place, if you want guitar-family instruments or  violin-family instruments,!

Additionally, the menu above will help you find the type of instrument you are looking for.

Handcrafted guitar by Brian Bishop
One of Brian’s Recent Guitars


Five String Fiddle by Chet Bishop, Luthier Handcrafted quilted maple five string fiddle by Chet Bishop

One of Chet’s recent 5-string Fiddles