What Would You Like To Know About The Makers? (Brian & Chet)

Who are the makers?

Brian Bishop is a professionally trained guitar luthier. Initially, he received his training at Galloup School of Lutherie, in Big Rapids, Michigan. However, Brian now works from his shop in Forest Grove, Oregon. There, he builds and repairs Guitar-family instruments (fretted instruments.)

He builds everything from Ukuleles and Parlor guitars to Dreadnoughts and arch-top Jazz guitars. In addition, he makes acoustic Baritones, as well as electric guitars and basses. Brian has been building professionally for over 15 years. He has worked in other commercial shops as well as his own.

Brian and cutaway dreadnought guitar.


Chet Bishop (Brian’s Dad,) however, picked up his skills piecemeal. Originally, he attended workshops, read books, and received training from a variety of established makers. Since then, he has been making violin-family instruments for 24 years.

He has made everything from fractional-sized violins and violas, through cellos, and the occasional double bass. Additionally, he now specializes in five-string bluegrass fiddles, as well as the traditional, classical instruments.

Five String Fiddle
Five String Fiddle by Chet Bishop

As both of us continue to build new instruments, we will post photographs and articles for your reading interest.