Brian’s Latest Guitar: (Artisan Craftsmanship at its Best!)

Brian’s Newest Guitar is a 000 model

Wood from close to Home!

Brian handcrafted this guitar from Big Leaf maple wood, which he took from a tree on his Grandmother and Grandfather’s home place. He salvaged the wood for the back and sides from the heavily flamed and spalted maple.  Then, he milled them to size on his bandsaw mill, because his grandparents were removing the tree.  He saw that this was the only chance to preserve the memories.  After he carefully dried and seasoned the maple wood, he began building the instrument. Finally, he made the belly of Sitka Spruce, because it is also a native Oregon tree, and he knows it will make a great Guitar Top.

Sorry, but, It is not for sale! (However, there are others!)

Brian built this guitar as a one-of-a-kind, “family treasure.” Because the wood came from a tree that he had frequently climbed as a child, it is irreplaceable. Additionally, his mother and all her siblings had played there, a generation earlier. Therefore, it will not be offered for sale, but rather, it will stand as a showcase of the maker’s mastery. (His father has also built a few violin-family instruments from this tree; however, sadly, much of the tree was eventually lost to rot.)

Workmanship, Craftsmanship, and Details!

You can scroll down, and check out the workmanship and materials!  Or, you could come and try it out, if you are nearby.

This follows the 000-body style, but with the cutaway treble bout, plus the soundport in the upper bass bout.
The soundport increases overall sound output, and it also allows the guitarist to hear the instrument over any other instruments in the area. Brian reinforced the port from the inside of the rib.
The back view of treble Cutaway detail, shows the Honduran Rosewood bindings.
The Front view of the cutaway detail shows even more.
Whole guitar front view.
Bass side view of body
Treble side view of body
Grover tuning machines and the handcarved bone nut.
Headstock Binding detail with the Indian Rosewood Headstock veneer.
Heel detail, showing Honduran Rosewood heelcap, with binding and purfling.
Handcrafted Rosette and Aluminum fingerboard inlays.
Closeup of handcrafted bridge and Rosette, with the handcarved Bone Saddle, and the Ebony Bridge pins.
Brian made the tail-wedge and the bindings of matching Honduran Rosewood. He made the end-pin of Snakewood (Amourette.) The dark binding shows off the heavily flamed Maple Ribs.
Back view of Honduran Mahogany neck and the headstock, showing the V-Scarf headstock joint.
A closer look allows the viewer to discern that it is a true V-scarf joint, and not just carved to look like one. (Look closely, and notice the grain change at the juncture of the two parts.)
Each angle flows into the next, making pure comfort in playing. and beauty to the eye.
The full back view shows the beauty of the Big Leaf Maple wood, coupled with the mastery of the builder.


Thanks for looking!

Please contact Brian at, if you have questions.




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